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About Cheyanne Mallas,  Physician Assistant

Meet Cheyanne Mallas, the esteemed Chief Executive Officer, whose journey is nothing short of illustrious. An accomplished entrepreneur and esteemed Physician Associate, she has amassed a wealth of expertise over 15 years, delving into the captivating realms of cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery, with a particular focus on the fascinating domain of bioregenerative aesthetics. As a multifaceted professional, Cheyanne's skill set spans various domains, including adeptness in business development, the art of crafting and cultivating training and education platforms, the skillful creation and implementation of sales processes, and a remarkable track record of boosting revenue streams with undeniable success.

However, what truly sets Cheyanne apart is her unwavering commitment to delivering optimal aesthetic outcomes. Her profound knowledge is seamlessly blended with an innate passion for elevating beauty to unparalleled heights. With Cheyanne Mallas at the helm, excellence and innovation converge, making her a force to be reckoned with in the world of cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery.

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Cheyanne Mallas

Enter the realm of Cosmetic Dermatology, and you will find PA Cheyanne, a true master in the intricacies of facial optimization, structural rejuvenation, and the captivating domain of regenerative aesthetics. Her profound expertise extends to the meticulous art of Sculptra injections, excelling in both facial and bodily enhancements, which positions her as one of the most preeminent Sculptra practitioners in the United States. Notably, she holds esteemed positions as a Key Opinion Thought Leader and National Trainer and Speaker.

Her exceptional skills earned her the well-deserved accolade of being named one of the nation's foremost Aesthetic Injectors, a prestigious inclusion in the esteemed National Directory from 2020 to 2022. With a distinguished academic background, she emerged from the prestigious Weill Cornell Medical College Physician Assistant Program, holding a coveted Master's Degree in Health Sciences. Beyond her medical prowess, she fluently converses in both French and Italian, expanding her linguistic horizons.

Among the array of cosmetic procedures, Cheyanne harbors a particular fondness for the transformative potential of Collagen producing Biostimulators, particularly Sculptra and Radiesse, skillfully applying these techniques to enhance both the visage and physique. Her unwavering conviction lies in the belief that the domain of Regenerative Aesthetics will play a pivotal role in the future of Aesthetics. As perpetual advancements enable us to invigorate the regeneration of both the structural foundation and functional essence of the skin, her ongoing research endeavors and clinical practice aim to manifest tangible manifestations of skin health that captivate the discerning eye with resplendent allure. In her hands, the future of beauty and aesthetics becomes a realm of endless possibilities.

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